The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

An Offering for the New Year, 12-29-2023

Gratitude, 12-3-2023

The Longing for the Eternal, 12-2-2023

Transcendence, 11-30-2023

The Boat of Merit in the Cosmic Sea, 11-29-2023

The Protection Provided by Merit, 11-28-2023

Acceptance of Pain, 11-27-2023

Patience, 11-12-2023

Go On, Go On, 10-8-2023

Studying the Self, 9-10-2023

Memorial Day, 5-28-2023

Rescue, 5-7-2023

Creator, Creation, and Cosmic Love, 5-5-2023

Waves of Love, 5-4-2023

The Greatest New Beginning, 5-3-2023

More Beginnings, 5-2-2023

Death as Ending and Beginning, 5-1-2023

Cultivating Gratitude, 3-5-2023

The Myriad Mountain Buddhas, 2-5-2023

The Conversion Body, 1-1-2023