The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

Victims Rights, 12-10-17

The Cactus Garden, 12-9-17

No-birth and No-death, 12-8-17

Common Perceptions of Buddha Nature, 12-7-17

An Overview, 12-6-17

The "istics" Don't Apply, 12-5-17

Failing to Fail, 12-4-17

Founder's Day, 11-12-17

Segaki, 10-29-17

Compassion and The Flow, 10-1-17

Continuity, 9-17-17

Memorial Day, 5-28-17

Lay Discipleship-2, 5-7-17

Lay Discipleship-1, 5-6-17

Realizing the Potential of Discipleship, 5-5-17

Love Between Master and Disiple, 5-4-17

Compassion, Love, Wisdom-3, 5-3-17

Compassion, Love, Wisdom-2, 5-2-17

Compassion, Love, Wisdom-1, 5-1-17

Bodhisattvas Teaching Wisdom, 4-23-17

Tee Shirts and Water Pails, 4-2-17

Without Fail, Evil is Vanquished and Good Prevails, 3-12-17

Don't Worry About External Things, 2-8-17

Special Announcement, 2-5-17

The Night-Flower of the Spirit, 2-5-17

Learning From The Master, 1-15-17

Limits, 1-1-17

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