The following Festivals and Retreats will be held at the monastery during 2022:

January 1 Memorial for Great Master Jiyu
February 6 Festival of the New Year
February 20 Festival of the Buddha's Parinirvana
March 13 Festival of Great Master Keizan
April 13-17 Keeping of the Ten Precepts Retreat
May 2–May 7 Monastic Retreat
May 8 Festival of the Buddha's Birth
May 29 Memorial Day Ceremony
August 7 Summer Potluck
September 11 Festival of Great Master Dogen
October 9 Festival of Great Master Bodhidharma
October 26-30Fall Lay Retreat
October 30 Festival of Feeding the Hungry Ghosts
November 6 Festival of the Founder
November 24 Thanksgiving Day Festival
November 28–December 3 Monastic Retreat
December 4 Festival of the Buddha’s Enlightenment
January 1, 2023 Festival of the New Year and Memorial for Great Master Jiyu