Enthralled by Shadows

Rev. Master Mokushin Hart

Enthralled by shadows’ misty dance

Of love and grief, of will and chance,

We drift outside the Golden Hall,

Just for a moment, for a glance.

We watch the shadows rise and fall

And fail to heed the quiet call

To bathe within the radiance.


And soon we try to shape the show:

See this as friend and that as foe.

Then some forms frighten, some excite:

We start to wander to and fro.

Yet always in this dusky light

There play about the edge of sight

Reflections of a golden glow.


And though we dally in this game,

At length we turn to face the flame-

Uncloak the light of Purity-

The Truth ablaze with but one aim:

To show the root causality

In depth and in great clarity

While we stand steadfast without blame.


Contritely we return to Thee;

The shadows lose reality.

And Love that shadows can’t displace,

Unhindered by our frailty,

Will draw us to the inner grace-

The gentle bathing and embrace

Within the depths of certainty.