The following Festivals will be held at the monastery during 2017:

February 5 Festival of the Buddha's Parinirvana
March 12 Festival of Avalokiteswara Bodhisattva
April 2 Festival Memorial: Great Master Keizan
April 23 Festival of Manjusri Bodhisattva and Member's Meeting
May 7 Festival of the Buddha's Birth
May 28 Memorial Day Ceremony
June 18 Festival of Kstigarbha Bodhisattva
August 6 Summer Potluck
September 17 Festival Memorial: Great Master Dogen
October 1 Festival Memorial: Great Master Bodhidharma
October 29 Festival of the Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts
November 12 Festival of the Founder  and Potluck
November 23 Festival of Thanksgiving
December 10 Festival of the Buddha’s Enlightenment
January 7, 2018 Festival of the New Year