In Gratitude

Rev. Master Basil Singer

I have been reflecting on why How to Grow a Lotus Blossom means so much to me. When I first went to Shasta Abbey, I came from New York City and was very green to Buddhism and Buddhist training. When I read Lotus Blossom during my first month, it was like learning about the laws of gravity. I finally was able to understand some things that were stirring within me, but I didn’t have a clue about what was going on or what to do (except go to Shasta Abbey).

As I reflect now, what comes up was that there were three aspects that Rev. Master Jiyu showed and explained – from her own experience – in Lotus Blossom.

First, Rev. Master showed me about karma and karmic inheritance. This was big for me because there were things in my life and things that I was doing that were causing me (and others) to suffer. I see now that karmic waves were manifesting from the past and I was reacting in ways that were causing me to suffer. The teachings of karma and karmic inheritance given by Rev. Master were a very great help to me. They showed me how to be mindful of these waves, and showed me that only the love of the Eternal worked, and that meditation and training were how to realize It.

Second, Lotus Blossom taught me about the Eternal and our relation to It. In her teaching of the “Five Columns,” and in other descriptions, Rev. Master really showed me the way to the Eternal and how to find It. I won’t go into detail here, but I can say that this is – to me – the finest and deepest teaching. I was, and will forever be, grateful.

Third, Rev. Master showed me the deepest aspects of the Precepts in her commentary on the Kyojukaimon. Also, she showed me the deepest way to look at the Eightfold Path. I was shown how to live my life in a way that my suffering and lifestyle could be converted to the love and acceptance of the Eternal, and that I could live this way.

The teachings of How to Grow a Lotus Blossom showed me what religion was all about and how to live it.

Thank you, Reverend Master Jiyu