The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

The Merit Machine, 12-6-15

Merit and No-Self, 12-5-15

Long-Term Merit, 12-4-15

Possibilities and Certainties, 12-3-15

In and Out, 12-2-15

More Possibilities, 12-1-15

Retreating in order to Advance, 11-30-15

Possibilities, 11-29-15

Thanksgiving, 11-26-15

Yes and No, 11-8-15

Eyes of the Spirit, 10-4-15

New Beginnings, 9-13-15

Will and Willingness, 6-14-15

The Mountain, 5-24-15

Up and Down, 5-10-15

Karmic Cousins, 5-8-15

Softening the Knots, 5-6-15

Cooking Karma, 5-5-15

Return to our True Origin, 4-19-15

On Sanzen, 4-9-15

Security, 3-22-15

Life and Death, 2-8-15

Announcement on Public Memorial for Rev. Alexis

Special Announcement Regarding the Death of Rev Alexis Barringer

Carried by Compassion, 1-4-15