The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

Sitting Still, 12-15-13

Salvation-5, 12-6-13

Salvation-4, 12-5-13

Salvation-3, 12-4-13

Salvation-2, 12-3-13

Salvation-1, 12-2-13

Timing, 11-17-13

All Sentient Beings, 11-3-13

The Transmission-2, 10-13-13

The Transmission-1, 10-12-13

First Law of Motion, 10-6-13

Beginnings-4, 10-2-13

Beginnings-3, 9-29-13

Beginnings-2, 9-28-13

Beginnings-1, 9-26-13

All Beings Possess the Buddha Nature-5, 9-10-13

All Beings Possess the Buddha Nature-4--Three Principles, 9-8-13

All Beings Possess the Buddha Nature-3, 8-21-13

All Beings Possess the Buddha Nature-2, 8-20-13

All Beings Possess the Buddha Nature-1, 8-20-13 Illustration

Entrusting, 6-30-13

Faith and Will, 6-23-13

If It Is Good, 6-9-1

Rising to the Call, 5-26-13

The Master-Disciple Relationship, 5-19-13

Applying the Brakes of Mindfulness, 5-5-13

The Buddha Nature of Greed, Hate, and Delusion, 5-4-13

The Transmuting Fire of Zazen, 5-3-13

Help for the Need, 5-2-13

"Do, Do the Work Within My Heart," 5-1-13

Stepping Out of Our Own Shadow, 4-30-13

Spiritual Grounding, 4-9-13

The Life of Buddha, 4-7-13

Life & DEATh, 3-31-13
    This dharma talk is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Master Chushin Passmore.

The Diamond Sutra-Conclusion, 3-17-13

The Diamond Sutra-9, 3-3-13

The Diamond Sutra-8, 2-26-13

The Diamond Sutra-7, 2-22-13

The Diamond Sutra-6, 2-21-13

The Diamond Sutra-5, 2-20-13

The Diamond Sutra-4, 2-19-13

The Diamond Sutra-3, 2-10-13

The Diamond Sutra-2, 2-8-13

The Diamond Sutra-1, 1-20-13

The Bright Mirror, 1-6-13