Arrival Dates and Times:  Please arrive on Friday between 2 and 5pm for weekend retreats.  We can be flexible up to a point, so please call if you cannot arrive within the designated period on Friday afternoon.  For some retreats, we can accommodate experienced trainees who would like to arrive a few days before the weekend in order to have a more extended retreat.  Wednesday is the early arrival day.

1.   Monks and senior lay trainees are here to help.  If you have any questions, please ask.

2.   The forms of training have been developed to help us be successful in our spiritual effort.  If you are new to the forms of our practice, watch what the people with experience do and follow along.  If you have questions about how to do something or the meaning of a particular formal aspect of training ask a monk or senior lay trainee.

3.   Please do not use cell phones or other electronic communication and entertainment devices while you are in the temple.  Please turn off all beepers.  See a monk if you need to make a call during the retreat.  Please limit reading during the retreat to materials provided.

4.   Signs saying “monastic enclosure” are posted on some pathways.  This indicates the private living area of the monastic community.

5.   Please be as quiet as possible during the retreat.  Please limit discussion to what is practically necessary. 

6.   Please be a few minutes early for scheduled events.

7.   Rest periods are provided in the schedule.  Please rest in a meditative way.  If you need extra rest, please talk to a senior lay trainee or monk.  Showers may be taken during rest periods.  Please do not walk off the temple property.

8.   Earplugs are available for sleeping if needed.

9.   Please see a senior lay trainee or monk if the temperature in the guesthouse is too low or high.

10. Rising is one-half hour before meditation.  There will be a wake-up bell.  Please use the bathroom as quickly as possible, being mindful that others need it also.  Please do not shower before morning meditation.  Please go to morning meditation as quickly and quietly as possible.  Please be in bed by lights out at night.

11. Meals—take as much as you like, but eat everything you take.  During the retreat, meals will be taken formally in the meditation hall.  This is another meditation opportunity.

12. Safety:  The outside deck and steps are slippery when wet.  Please use banisters when using stairs both indoors and outside.  There is a first aid kit in the kitchen (leftmost drawer near door).  Please lock cars.  The guesthouse will be locked at lights out and when there is a group activity in the monastic meditation hall.  Please do not approach our dogs or cats or any wild animals.  Our dogs are kept in fenced areas and are walked on leash.