The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

History and Use of the Rosary, 12-16-12

Safe in the Eternal's Hand, 12-9-12

The Boat of Compassion, 12-8-12

Innate Knowing, 12-7-12

Arahant and Bodhisattva, 12-6-12

Twistings and Turnings, 12-5-12

Weighty Karma and the Cessation of Suffering, 12-4-12

Weighty Karma, 12-3-12

The Way of the True Dragon, 11-27-12

Turning the Stream of Compassion Within, 11-7-12

Perfection of Love, 11-6-12

The Eternal Founder, 11-4-12

The Changing and the Unchanging (cont.), 11-1-12

The Changing and the Unchanging, 10-31-12

Faith in Zen, 10-28-12

In Darkness There Is Light, 10-14-12

Step Off the Cliff!, 10-13-12 (Rev. Master Mokushin Hart)    Illustration

Why Did Bodhidharma Come From the West?, 10-7-12

The Pure Land (cont.), 9-2-12

The Pure Land, 8-19-12

Heart of Kanzeon, 8-5-12

Mount Sumeru, 7-28-12

Justice, 7-1-12

"The body will not know peace until the mind ceases from evil," 6-10-12

Driving in a Killer Fog, 5-27-12

Clouds in a Clear Sky, 5-6-12

From Rocks to Buddhas, 4-26-12    Illustration

The Precepts and Discipleship, 4-3-12

The Foundation of the Precepts, 4-1-12

The Precepts and the Five Columns, 3-25-12

The Expansive Precepts con't, 3-18-12

The Expansive Precepts, 3-14-12

Personal Responsibility, 3-9-12

Five Laws of the Universe--6, 2-22-12

Five Laws of the Universe--5, 2-14-12

Five Laws of the Universe--4, 2-10-12

Five Laws of the Universe--3, 2-8-12

Five Laws of the Universe--2, 2-5-12

Five Laws of the Universe--1, 2-2-12

Five Laws of the Universe--Introduction, 2-1-12

Beyond Appearances, 1-29-12

Following, 1-8-12

New Years Day, 1-1-12