The following formal and informal lectures on the Dharma were given by Rev. Master Koshin Schomberg, Abbot of North Cascades Buddhist Priory.

It is important to understand that the content of these talks assumes that the listener has some experience of serene reflection meditation and the Buddhist precepts.

Thanksgiving, 11-25-10

Remember Why, 11-7-10

Segaki, 10-30-10

An Introduction to How to Grow a Lotus Blossom, 10-26-10

The Big Yes!, 10-23-10

Three Principles of Training, 10-13-10

Emotions and Emotionalism, 9-25-10

They Travel Fastest Who Are Not There--Pt II, 9-24-10

They Travel Fastest Who Are Not There--Pt I, 9-23-10

Training With The Internet, 9-12-10

All Truth Is Not Equal 7-4-10

The Brotherhood of Elks 6-26-10

How Dense Can We Be?6-20-10

And/Or 6-13-10

Head and Heart 5-30-10

Days of Our Lives, Part II 5-23-10

Days of Our Lives 5-22-10

Spiritual Stability 5-9-10

Bowing to Buddha, con't. 4-25-10

Bowing to Buddha 4-24-10  Illustration

The First Principle of Contemplative Training 4-4-10

The Twofold Practice Part II 3-21-10

There is nothing from the first 3-11-10

The Twofold Practice 3-7-10

The Other Side of Commitment 2-7-10

Self-forgiveness, 1-3-10